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Choose the right RYA course

for you


The RYA Competent Crew course can be taken to kick off your sailing career, as a refresher of rusty skills or purely as an introduction to yacht sailing. The course also can be very beneficial for less experienced family members who wish to join on board and be able to crew, but not necessarily skipper.

Whatever your motivation is, our first priority is to teach you how to be safe.

Our next priority is to let you enjoy being out on the water; we jokingly warn competent crew students that by the end of the week life won't ever be the same.

Once you know how to be safe and are enjoying the experience, we will start teaching you the skills, turning you into a valuable and competent member of the crew.

Whether it is on a charter holiday, racing in the Solent or on your family yacht, you will be an able competent crewmember.

Click here for more information and course description.


Not sure if sailing is the right thing for you and your family? Try out the RYA Start Yachting scheme, it’s a 2 day yachting course and might be the perfect way for you to find out. Click here for more information.


The aim of the RYA Day Skipper course is for you to become a safe skipper during relatively easy passages during daylight in known waters in moderate conditions. Safe for yourself, your crew and other boats around you.

You need to know your theory: know how to navigate, be familiar with safety equipment. You must be able to park the boat in easy conditions, and you should be able to sail without creating unsafe situations.

Quite a lot asked, it makes the five day Day Skipper course fully engaging. On every passage during that week, each of the Day Skipper candidates is gets a chance to be the “skipper-in-training of the day”, which includes passage planning that has to be prepared the evening before. The skills and drills will be executed in individual teaching sessions with all students involved.

Click here for more information and course description.


As a RYA Coastal Skipper you should be able to safely undertake offshore and coastal passages, by day and by night in unfamiliar waters. So as a certified Coastal skipper you are suppose to manage boat and crew over longer passages. Your knowledge and skills need to be solid in order to deal with potential increased risk of unforeseen adverse weather, mechanical breakdowns, complicated night pilotage and human fatigue. But it's your level of Seamanship, your boat and crew management qualities, which will prevent problems from becoming serious issues. We will train you to run checks to prevent problems, to be aware of (changing) environment, to have alternatives (Plan B) for when problems occur, to have different scenario’s ready and prepared, to keep focussing on the safety of the vessel and the crew, regardless of the circumstances.

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A RYA Yachtmaster should have vast knowledge and a wide variety of skills to effectively deal with the responsibility for a vessel and the crew in demanding situations. With the proper endorsements, the RYA Yachtmaster can take up this responsibility in a commercial environment.

The RYA Yachtmaster exam is known to be thorough, testing the candidate on all aspects of safely skippering a yacht, making the Yachtmaster Certificate without any doubt the world's leading and internationally most widely recognized skipper license.

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We are now offering ONLINE RYA Day Skipper Theory and Coastal/Yachtmaster theory courses in collaboration with Skippers Online. 

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We offer in classroom RYA Day Skipper Theory and Coastal/Yachtmaster theory courses in at our office in Arrecife. The student teacher ratio is maximum 4:1.

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For more information about RYA courses, click here to go to the RYA Sail Cruising Scheme webpage.

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