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Atlantic Sailing Training and Activities

Hoisting the main
Fun and exciting sailing
Brand new sails for Yalla
Skill Building
Enjoy a week of training
Sunset sailing
Learn to work the Spinnaker
One of the marinas in the Canaries

Atlantic Sailing also offers a wide variety of other types of sail training and activities.  

You may be a Day or Coastal Skipper but feel like you need a refresher course before you embark on the next step. We offer Day Skipper Plus and Coastal Skipper Plus practical courses to get your skills up to speed. RYA Day Skipper Coastal Skipper

Sign up for a  Skill Building week to improve and hone your practical sailing skills. The Skill Building week will help you become a better skipper and give you the confidence sail a yacht and manage the crew.


Join one of our Mile-builders and enjoy sailing by day and night in the beautiful Canaries. You will always gain more experience at sea and improve your seamanship this way. RYA milebuilding sailing


You can take a one day Master Class course to improve on specific skills like boat sail handling under power, sail trim and spinnaker.

Perhaps you just want to relax by chartering a skippered boat to go sail around the island with your friends or family, anchoring and swimming for lunch, and discovering the beauty of the surrounding archipelago.

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