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This 1 or 2 Day Training course offers you a unique opportunity to drastically improve on your level of knowledge, competence and confidence. These skills are often high on the wish list of many students, regardless of their level.


The course is catered to your request and designed to help you improve specific skills like boat handling under power in the marina, sail trim and spinnaker handling.

The Masterclass day will include:


Boat Handling:

-    Full explanation of all the forces that make a boat move

-    Plan your manoeuvres based on the awareness of these forces

-    Have a plan B

-    What is you ideal starting point and where is the point of no return

-    Use of warps

-    Shorthanded and single handed boat-handling (berthing/unberthing)

-    Different MOB recovery approaches and their pros and cons


Sail Trim:

-     Explanation of the theory of sail trim, the different tools for sail trimming that we have on board, including

       how and when to handle them

-     Optimising trim and sail area for different conditions

-     Downwind sailing, including reefing, pole out headsail, spinnaker, gybing and strategy

-     Upwind sailing, including various depowering methods, reefing, efficient tacking and strategy

-     Heavy weather sailing

-     Sailing in light winds

-     Different MOB recovery approaches and their pros and cons.


1000 - 1600


Subject to availability, please contact us


Euro 500 per person per day.

Please feel free to email me at for further information or if you would like to discuss your training.

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