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January 2023 Mile Building

Join us on a Pogo 36 for a sensational mile building, ocean passage experience

One week will take you around the Canary Islands, another from Lanzarote to Madeira and back

Pogo Beam.jpg

European Boat of the Year 2017

The Pogo 36 is a pocket rocket ship, chosen as European boat of the year in 2017.


According to the jury: The aggressive, angular coachroof, the liberal beam, hard chine, bluff bow and rocker line (longitudinal curve) look more suited to an open class racing yacht, while the super-high aspect square top mainsail makes the rig look as if it’s been borrowed from a catamaran.

Yet this Finot Conq design is a wonderful machine on the water – so easily driven; a powerful shape but with light enough feet to tiptoe through the calms.

Pogo performance is normally judged purely in terms of its off-wind planing ability, but the 36 should banish any notion that a beamy design has to be sticky in the light. She performs handsomely upwind too.”


A Unique Ocean Experience

Being part of nature, out in the ocean, surrounded by wildlife, completely isolated from the rest of the world, is a fantastic experience.


Ocean sailing, living on small, fully crewed boat, keeping the boat safe and fast, managing your sleep, providing meals, it can be tough. But the rewards are unique.

Around The Islands

Canaries Round Trip.PNG
  • January 14th to January 20th 2023

  • 400 nm, sailing to and visiting 5 of the Canary  Islands

  • 60 nm passages for Yachtmaster Offshore candidates

  • Training on passage planning, weather routing and handling downwind sails

  • Experienced crew members can be in charge as skipper for one leg

  • One overnight passage, other nights in port

  • Weather might change the itinerary

Madeira and Back

Madeira and back.PNG
  • January 21st – January 28th 2023

  • 1 x 300 nm upwind, 1 x 300 nm downwind

  • Overnight in Funchal, Madeira

  • Training on passage planning, weather routing and watch systems

  • Experienced crew members can be in charge for 24 hour period

  • Weather might change the itinerary


Meet the Skipper

Richard van der Veen, chief instructor of Atlantic Sailing, will be your skipper for both weeks.  

Meet the team  -  Read Customer Reviews

Crew Requirements

In order to join you need to:

  • Be able to deal with seasickness

  • Be physically fit

  • Know how to move around in a safe manner

  • Know how to drive the boat and handle winches

  • Have a basic understanding of sail trim

  • Participate in domestic duties

  • Be a nice person




  • Boat language is English, although Richard also speaks Dutch and German

  • During passage “hot bunking” might be needed (1 cabin shared by 2 watches alternatingly)

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