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If you are looking to do some Mile building, the Canary Islands are the ideal place, and Lanzarote is the perfect starting point. You will enjoy challenging sailing conditions by day and night and discover some of the islands in the Canaries, and experience life at sea and ocean sailing.


Or, you may just be looking to gather tidal miles needed as a prerequisite for the Yachtmaster.


6-days sailing/7-nights on board (we offer both packages, depending on availability)

Minimum Experience 

Day Skipper

Price for 6 days/7 nights on board Mile Builder:

Euro 1.400 per person based on your own private cabin.


Cabin sharing 5% discount.

Book a second practical training Week and get an additional 5% discount.

Please feel free to email me at for further information, what's included in our trips, and/or if you would like to discuss your training.

 in partnership with

We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Sailing, in partnership with Hoch am Wind, to provide a wider range of Skippered Charter and Mile-building opportunities. Hochamwind is a Switzerland based sailing school providing online navigation courses and mile builders in the Canaries, the Med and other European destinations.


Another type of long distance sailing that we offer is the Ocean Sailing Adventure. This involves multiple day non-stop sailing. It gives you the opportunity to experience life on the big ocean. We can plan trips around all the 7 Canary Islands, or to Madeira and Porto Santo.

If you're interested, check out the Ocean Sailing page or email

Sunset in Lanzarote
Ready for an overnight sail?
Mountains of Lanzarote
Sailing around the Canaries
Valle Gran Rey
Volcanic Mountain
Dolphins jumping
Sunset at anchor
Marina in the Canaries
Isla La Graciosa
Experience the Canaries
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