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OPTION 2 / Tenerife - La Gomera - La Palma

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DAY 1 / LEG 1 - Tenerife (San Miguel) – La Gomera (Sán Sebastian)

Distance: 27 nm

Onboard Activities: #PassagePlanning #CrewSafety #MoB #Reefing #HarbourManoeuver


DAY 2 / La Gomera Land Day – Hiking (Nationalpark Garajonay / Hermigua & Agulo / ...)

Welcome to La Gomera – World Biosphere Reserve where you will experience an unmatched diversity of landscapes and species. Ancient laurel forests watch over this unique little island, where black sand beaches lead into the crystal clear Atlantic, and palm filled valleys blend into wine terraces and little typical Canarian villages. La Gomera has a network of over 600km of mysterious trails, and the final activity of the day we would like to decide together with the whole Crew. So book your cabin for this Atlantic Sailing Adventure Milebuilder, complete list of landbased activities on La Gomera upon request.


DAY 3 / LEG 2 // La Gomera (Sán Sebastian) – El Hierro (La Estaca)

Distance: 48 nm

Onboard Activities: #PassagePlanning #Navigation #CrewSafetyOcean #Reefing #SailTrim #HarbourManoeuver


DAY 4 / El Hierro Land Day – CaveHiking / Hiking / Local Beer Tasting

This treasure in midst of the Atlantic is made up of unique landscapes of incredible diversity. Framed by lava bays instead of sandy beaches, on it’s highlands pines and laurels grow alongside juniper trees formed by centuries of trade winds. Its’ people kind and friendly, seem to know the secret of what brings people to this island, which used to be considered the end of the world.
Since the year 2000, El Hierro is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and boasts one of the world’s most ambitious sustainability programs. We will have a whole day to get lost on the island of the ancient cero meridian.


DAY 5 / El Hierro Water Day – Sailing (La Estaca – La Restinga) / Freediving / Diving / Cetacean Observation „Mar de las Calmas“
The south-western coast of El Hierro is where you find the „Mar de las Calmas“. Our last day on this tiny and peace-filled island, will be filled with water based activities. Whether you want to go diving, freediving, or go out for a daysail – enjoy the peace and tranquility before our night-passage back to Tenerife.


DAY 6 / LEG 3 // El Hierro (La Estaca / La Restinga) – Tenerife (San Miguel)

Distance: 55 nm

Onboard Activities: #PassagePlanning #NightNavigation #CrewSafetyOcean #WatchSystem #HarbourManoeuver

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